Q&A with The Lab

The Lab is the brainchild of Janet Johanson and Matt Hall. Janet and Matt saw a need for beverage makers to have a resource to perform pilot runs and a place to test the quality of their recipes. They also wanted to offer a taproom scene inclusive of everyone—one that provided more than beer. With that, they launched The Lab, a place for tasters and makers.

Read on to learn more about their founding or checkout their website for more information.

Q. What's your name?

A. Justine Vath

Q. What is your title?

A. Taproom Manager

Q. How did you come up with the name of your bar / brewery?

A. We are unique because not only are we a brewery, we also provide quality testing and pilot services for other beverages makers. Since we are always creating and testing new beverages, why not call ourselves The Lab?

Q. What is your bar / brewery most known for?

A. Our unique and experimental beverages that you don't often find anywhere else such as our Hard Turmeric Switchel and Alcoholic Kombucha, to name a few.

Q. What beer / brands inspired you in creating your own brand?

A. The creators that our parent company, BevSource worked with before we opened. We were inspired by their creativity and need for small scale pilot productions.

Q. The aliens have finally had enough, you get to eat one last item from your bar / brewery's menu before they evaporate earth.

A. Our Lab Manager's spent grain cookies (sorry folks, these are not sale...

*For anyone who doesn't know what these are, they look delicious

Q. What Beers are in your fridge right now?

A. I'm assuming this means personally... Grainbelt, Insight, Giesenbraü Bier Co. and Bad Weather Brewing

Q. What is your guilty pleasure beer(s)?

A. Corona with a Lime, not craft beer but it tastes like being on a beach by the ocean

Q. What did you do before you got into beer?

A. Marketing, project management and SEO. It was oh so boring... working in Craft Beer has always been fun and exciting. It's a treat to come to work everyday.