Why PubPass?

Attract New Customers

Thousands of PubPassers are looking for their next craft beer. With both a physical book and an app, we can get them in your door.

Show Them Some Love

One thing we know for certain: when you open up your spot and offer them a good deal, they're going to stick around and order more.

Keep Them Coming Back

PubPassers are fiercely loyal, and once they've seen what you have to offer, they're going to spread the word on social and come back with their friends.

Our Digital Product

The PubPass App

When PubPassers subscribe to the app, they unlock beer deals at curated locations across the country. Upon arrival to your spot, they show the app to redeem a craft beer for as low as $1. Learn More

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Still Have Questions?

Email us at join@getpubpass.com