Q&A with The Lone Girl Brewing

If you would have told founders Kev and Koz—two college kids who became great friends over their love of beer—what their life would be like back in 1990-something, they probably would have laughed.

"Seriously, beer as a business, who would have thought?" 

Read on to find out more about their brewery name, which is meant to represent family and friends, the things they care about most, their community and the cherished memories they make together.

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Q. What's your name?

A. Kate Marquardt

Q. What is your title?

A. Events Manager

Q. How did you come up with the name of your brewery?

A. There are two couples that own the place and between them they have 7 kids, only one of which is a girl.

They came up with over 80 names but kept coming back to The Lone Girl because it came from somewhere—it meant something to them. While the name was inspired by one of their children, it is not meant to represent her.

The Lone Girl is meant to represent any strong, formidable, individual woman, which is why you'll never see her face in our logos.

Q. What is your brewery most known for?

A. Our amazing muenster cheese curds, fresh approachable beer, and our gorgeous rooftop patio.

Q. What beer / brands inspired you in creating your own brand?

A. We wanted to make approachable beers that anyone could enjoy. While we have a couple of high octane IIPAs and barrel aged beers, most of our beers are easily enjoyed in quantities of two or three or four pints!

Q. The aliens have finally had enough, you get to eat one last item from your brewery's menu before they evaporate earth.

A. The muenster cheese curds or our famous Brewben

Q. What Beers are in your fridge right now?

A. Lone Girl all the way! We have 7 styles in cans and several of our barrel aged beer in bombers.

Q. What is your guilty pleasure beer(s)?

A. Stiegl Grapefruit Radler

Q. What did you do before you got into beer?

A. Drank milk.