Q&A With La Doña Cervecería

Aside from being Minnesota's first Latin influenced brewery, La Doña has some pretty awesome stuff going on. Not only are they a fully operational brewery, community/event center, but they also aim to raise awareness of social, economic, and environmental issues in the community. Their mission: to introduce a more diverse crowd to craft beer. They also have a soccer field to host 3v3 soccer games...perfect for some great beer and friendly competition!

Check out their latest lineup of craft beers on their website.

Q. What's your name?

A. Sergio Manancero

Q. What is your title?

A. Owner

Q. How did you come up with the name of your brewery?

A. La Doña was our way of paying respectful tribute to the matriarchs that raised us and inspired our inclusive attitudes.

Q. What is your brewery most known for?

A. We are Minnesota's first Latin influenced brewery! We make traditional style beers, have delicious Latin food, and host a variety of events from fundrasiers to soccer watch parties, including our 3v3 soccer leagues.

Q. What beer / brands inspired you in creating your own brand?

A. 5Rabbit and Summit

Q. The aliens have finally had enough, you get to eat one last item from your brewery's menu before they evaporate earth.

A. The Choripan Sandwich with a La Reyna IPA.

Q. What Beers are in your fridge right now?

A. Miller Lite! I am drinking through all my beer to make space for my wife's champagne and I am on the last few beers.

Q. What is your guilty pleasure beer(s)?

A. PBR, it won the blue ribbon which stills means something to me.

Q. What did you do before you got into beer?

A. I was a Marine, Outdoor Trip Leader, Rental Program Manager, Facility Supervisor, Event Supervisor, and Bouncer/Backbar.