Q&A With Foundry Distilling Co.

Foundry Distilling Company was started by Scott Bush. Scott began working on Templeton Rye whiskey in his apartment in Cambridge, Massachusetts back in 2002. His great grandfather, Frank Schroeder, was born in Templeton and was an "entrepreneur during Prohibition" who made Templeton Rye at the family farm (outside of Arcadia and later Odebolt, Iowa). Needless to say, he wasn't a stranger to the rye trade and when he wanted to build a business, the stars aligned. His goal? To focus on producing and distilling authentic, high-quality spirits right in the heart of Iowa with local input, involvement and control.

Foundry Distilling Company was soon created, with the flexibility to create virtually any spirit, in large or small amounts. They have their core Foundry Collection, their Heritage Collection, and many other unique specialty products. They also offer spirit enthusiasts the unique opportunity to produce completely customizable private barrels of whiskey. Finally—and our favorite—they're collaborating with many distillers and brewers around the state and country to produce unique collaborative offerings...perfect for Discovering Better.

Today, the Valley Junction community is a thriving group of artisan shops, restaurants and galleries located along historic 5th Street in West Des Moines.

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Q. What's your name?

A. Max Hytone

Q. What is your title?

A. General Manager

Q. How did you come up with the name of your brewery?

A. We are in an old railroad barn, that also served as a metal Foundry built in 1899.

Q. What is your brewery most known for?

A. Our Brewer / Distiller Alliance, where we are creating world class whiskey from world class beer.

Fun Fact: Their 30-foot-tall column sill with 20 separate plates is one of the largest in the craft spirits industry.

Q. The aliens have finally had enough, you get to eat one last item from your brewery's menu before they evaporate earth.

A. Buffalo Wings from literally anywhere...or street tacos... I cant pick just one!

Q. What Beers are in your fridge right now?

A. Confluence Strawberry Milk Man Stout, Lake Time Peanut Butter Porter, Barntown pastry sours.

Q. What is your guilty pleasure beer(s)?

A. Imperial Stouts... its like drinking dessert!

Q. What did you do before you got into beer?

A. Drank water