Welcome to a special St. Patrick's Day edition of Behind the Beer! We are taking a look at one of the greatest Irish institutions -- St. Louis' John D. McGurk's. Nothing screams Irish quite like this spot. Known for it's massive outdoor beer garden, traditional Irish cuisine and incredible list of classic Irish Whiskies and beers. For more on McGurk's, including their St. Patrick's Day events and much more, check out their website here.

Q: What is McGurk's best known for?

A: McGurk's is known throughout the Midwest for its great Irish music, food, drink, Dublin-esque feel and 20,000 square foot space.

Q: What is the history of this famous Irish joint?

A: Established in 1978, McGurk's set out to be the preeminent Irish bar, not only in St. Louis, but around the country. By bringing traveling Celtic musicians from Ireland and incorporating food and drink native to the land, 40+ years later, this institution is still going strong.

Q: What are some of the traditional Irish food and drink on the menu?

A: Corned beef, bangers + mash, fish + chips complement the wide array of Irish Whiskies, Guinness, and all the Lagers, Red Ales and Stouts you could ever dream of.

Q: Let's talk about the music.

A: McGurk's is a renowned Celtic live-entertainment establishment, known for bringing in artists and bands daily, who play that sweet, traditional Irish music all evening long.

Q: Give us the scoop on that beer garden.

A: McGurk's boasts a 15,000+ square foot outdoor garden, complete with breathtaking landscaping, a fountain, a waterfall, and three terrific outdoor bars. What's not to love?