Q&A with Bruz Beers

Bruz is Denver’s artisanal brewery dedicated to brewing traditional Belgian-style beers and innovative Belgian-inspired brews. From traditional Belgian styles to innovative Belgian-inspired creations, Bruz Beers is bringing a passion for excellence to Colorado. Learn more at bruzbeers.com

Q. What's your name?

A. Ryan Evans

Q. What is your title?

A. Head Squeegee Guy

Q. How did you come up with the name of your bar / brewery?

A. It is a take on some of our favorite cities and regions in Belgium.

Q. What is your bar / brewery most known for?

A. Badass Belgian Style Beer!

Q. What beer / brands inspired you in creating your own brand?

A. We were inspired by the epic beers of Belgium for our brewery. The history, the flavors, the aromas - all of these things take us on an amazing journey through beer.

Q. The aliens have finally had enough, you get to eat one last item from your bar / brewery's menu before they evaporate earth. What would you eat?

A. Pizza, pizza, pizza! Bring it on aliens, I will be ready for you!

Q. What Beers are in your fridge right now?

A. Tripel, Quadrupel and a sour, yum!!! How am I supposed to get any work done now that I am thinking about these beers?!

Q. What is your guilty pleasure beer(s)?

A. Dechesse de Bourgogne - amazing Belgian sour!

Q. What did you do before you got into beer?

A. Is there really life before beer? If so, I don't want to hear about it - keep that crap away from me!